Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wild Wild West day Lab 3

I was very excited for our Wild Wild West themed day 3 Lab. really enjoy the fact we have themes for our labs , and that they are constantly changing  making the lab more refreshing and  interesting. I have been focusing on observing more on the children and my peers the Teacher.  From my observations I've noticed a lot of progression and improvement of performance from the children and us as Teachers in comparison with previous labs. It’s most likely because we all as a whole feel more comfortable with the children, as they feel more comfortable with us. My group focus was the kindergarteners and first graders; we first started in the class room with drawing and coloring and playing blocks. Then we started our arts and Crafts of making a hoarse, the children loved it and so did I.  I never would off though the shape of our foot looks like the head of a hoarse. We traced all the sneakers of the children and then cut out a RECTANGLE for the neck of the hoarse. Then we glued the neck the rectangle to the shoe cut out and glued on the googly eyes. Finally we glued on hair for the hoarse. After we cleaned up and the children ate cookies with milk. We all went to the gym to play games. The first game we played a boy named Tommy instead of playing ran to the bleachers so I followed and sat next to him. I asked if why isn't he playing and he answered with big watery eyes saying "I miss my mommy". I told him Tommy don’t worry she’s on her way, she'll be here soon and if you play the game she would be here even sooner. He said alright and joined. Then the next activity began and Tommy came to me to be my partner. That made me feel very happy and special that he chose me, because I was looking for him so I can make sure he's having fun and he snuck right under me  and grabbed my hand. We did the activity of him jumping over the cones and then we played team tag and he was my partner. And in the middle of the team tag his mom came and he was soo happy and gave me a big smile and waved and said bye. That smile made me smile even more and made my day which told me this is the major for me. Afte the 2 games we all gathered around together to dance to the Cotton eye Joe . Finally finishing our day with our teamwork cheer, in which we cheered "Ye-Haa!". It was a really great day that improved my confidence and it sreally showed me I can make a difference in the way a child feels 

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