Saturday, March 12, 2011

I was anticipating this day with alot of excitement, since we had a lot preparation for this teaching session in St. Mary's with 2 Lab practices. And especially since I practiced my game with all my class mates and they liked it so I was very confident and positive about the day. My group had the younger group of Kindergarteners and First graders. Therefore we started our session in the classrooms doing with the children. Then after playing with magnets and drawing with the children. We brought out our sponges and started our arts and crafts of making Sponge Bob’s! We gave out sponges, pipe cleaners to make arms and legs, googly eyes, and big sticks so the children can control them like puppets. The children were so excited and they all wanted make a Sponge Bob and I even made myself one so I can give it to my sister who just had her birthday.  It helped that I made my own SpongeBob and sat with the children because I noticed many of the children were watching me as I make mine. I thourly explained and demonstrated to the children of how to make the SpongeBob. But they really began working on their SpongeBob when I sat down and started making mine, so they were making theirs a step behind mine. I guess it’s because they wanted to see how it’s made as many times as they can before starting. After every one made their SpongeBob’s we went to the gym to play our activity games and I gladly did my game. The Indian Caterpillar run SpongeBob twist that we are all Planktons racing to get to Krusty Krab to get the secret formula! First I explained to the children as I showed them by demonstrating with my group, how we lined up and have our hands on the person in front of us shoulders like a caterpillar. Then we began lining up the children in groups of 4 in the proper position like a caterpillar and showed them how to run. And finally we told them to start the relay race once the music begins, the music goes, and they begin little by little already loosing formation and just running to the other side while the younger children are a step slower and getting surpassed in the relay race. The race ended and we had winner and we made them do it again, the children had a lot of fun but the game may be for a slightly older crowd to have better formation. But overall the game was not bad the children all had fun and laughs, and got their heart rate up competing against each other running to half court. We then had a good maze for the Kids of Bikini Bottom that they had to crawl and avoid the jelly fingers then walk like crabs for Mr. Crab. I really enjoyed the thought and imagination of the set up, very clever, and hopefully I”ll make a maze game in future classes. What a great day I had with the children we did it all, first we drew, played with magnets and legos, then arts and crafts making Sponge Bobs. Then we got the kids moving playing many games related with Sponge Bob to build excitement for not only the kids but us Teacher Candidates!

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