Saturday, March 5, 2011

In our Practice Lab we practiced all our games and I really put in a lot of thought and creativity into my game really wanted to practice it too see if it's as good as I think it is. We warmed up with 2 tag games; a temple tag and noodle tag Game. To get our blood pumping and then we got into our Lab groups. We all spoke about activities that will do at St. Mary's. We each discussed our games and I thankfully I really liked my game and so did everyone else in my group, so I told my TA Frank if I should share it with the class he said sure why not. We got out of our Lab groups and started sharing with the class. I began getting really excited, and a bit anxious, because I played the game many times as a child and I know exactly how to play. The hard part is to make everyone else understand how to play the games just as well as I do.  Then when we were asked to demonstrate, I raised my hand took a deep breath, stepped forward and remembered to speak loud and treat my peers somewhat like children. I explained the game of Indian caterpillar and gave them the little story correlating it to the SpongeBob cartoon. That we are all Planktons; racing each other to the other side to the Krusty Krab to get the secret formula of the crabby patty. I then demonstrated with my group the Krazy Kangaroos. And we began the relay race to the other baseline of the gym. Thankfully it seemed like everyone was having a blast. And then we did it backwards which much more coordination and focus to run backwards without tripping, and then quickly lining up without bumping to anyone, it’s a great variation but may be too advanced for an elementary school. I was glad my game went great because it works on your coordination, brings up your heart rate and is very competitive making you want to push yourself to work harder and run faster.  I had a good feeling that it was good game, but I was really glad to hear all the compliments about how well or fun the game is. After my game we played one more and then finished in the gym and went to a class room.  In which learned more about teaching children, as I had a smile on my because of the success of my game, it really made my day.

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