Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinosaur Train Lab 4

 Our Fourth Lab themed Dinosaur Train; First we began by observing St. Mary's  students motor skills of overhand throwing and the catching. Which a bit different since before we were focused more on lower body such as how they run skip and hop. Then my group and I the Krazy Kangaroos began our games but unfortunately the kids split up and we were left with a few. We made the best and most out of what we made by making sure all our kids had smiles. When It was my turn for my Rock Paper Scissors tag game. In which each possible one such as a scissors represents a dinosaur, therefore Scissors mean T-rex so they had to run a little leaned forward with short arms. Paper represents the plant long Neck Plant eater, since paper is made out of Tree, the child would run with one arm forward in front of them.  And a triceratops which is a rock, the students would chase with both hands open over their forehead representing the triceratops horn. In the tag game, I would say rock, paper, scissors shoot and the children would run around looking and chasing the dinosaur that is inferior to them. Then we altered the game after a few rounds so that the children would team up and face each other. And from the two children the winner chases the person who has lost for 30 seconds before the next round starts. After helping all my group members making their games go smoother. I went and helped another group as they were doing a game in which they emphasized throwing for the children and they wanted to focus on overhand throwing so they put up a mat as a wall.Then we made it a little more challenging for the children, we put up another blue mat on top of the initial big red wall. To make them have to throw even higher and to see how the children would adapt, for example they should of stepped a little further back and throw using better technique using the whole body not just a swing of their arm. And many of the children weren’t able to throw over the second higher so they were throwing to where there wasn’t the second mat where my face was.

 At first the balls were probably flying directly to my face by accident, but then when the children saw me smile and they were smiling I became the main target of the balls. It’s fun knowing your making children happy and putting smile on their face so it definitely was worth it. Then we finished with the wiggle dance and a cheer!

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