Saturday, May 14, 2011

StarWars Lab with a Parachute

In our last lab in our first game in which we usually do our assessments we used something different than balls or cones. We used a parachute for our initial games and every held it up of the floor at the ends of it with children and performed many games that we learned in our lab practice. Such as the asteroids game, the hurricane wind, the wave game. I knew my partners and Wednesdays lab would have done just those games that we went over, so decided to do my own game. We played Chewbacca says like Simon s says but since it was star wars I’m Chewbacca. I remember a Funny question that a girl asked she raised her hand and said “so you’re Chewbacca?”  And I said yes and I and all the children laughed together. The possible options I gave them were raise it up, down, shake, step right, step left, clockwise, and up down shake. I noticed I was almost screaming on top of my lungs to talk over the noise that we were making from playing with the parachute, so all the kids even the furthest could hear. I’m glad we did a different game because we ended up do all the games around 6 of them that we learned, to keep the children interest and fun high.
Then we went down stairs to cool off a bit and snack, then play board games and blocks and before we had an activity which definitely increased their heart rates.  My children I was working with were making star war ships using leggos. Then we brought the kids back up stairs and we all had  a great workout dancing to the song “Let’s Move, Move You Body” by Beyonce for at least 4 minutes which left me sweating and out of  breath, Then we finished it off with a pleasant cheer for all the fun we had AT St. Mary’s!!

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