Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Day

           The First Day gave me alot of feelings such as being excited and  anxious and we didn't know what to expect ... Me and my best friend car pooled our way to St. Mary. And unfortunely we got a little lost because we were rushing becuase we never seen Cortland before because were are new Transfer students and went to the actual church. We then found out our way to the school from the front and a TA recognized us and guided us to the gymnasium.  Me and my friend Gianluca sat down and observed the children play their after school activity of basketball. We observed for about 20 minutes in till we all got broken up into groups of 5. My group then Went in to the Pre-K section of the after school program, where I jumped in with the little children that were playing with magnets.
         I played with the little children and tried to get to know them. The first chiled I spoke to whose name is Avery was very shy and seemed  uncomfortable with my presence. The other child named Jesse told me all about himself and Avery that he's very shy. Right after that we received a tour of the school which featured the game room and the cafeteria. Then my group and spoke to the TA's about the class and what we would have to do.
        Then we went back up stairs bact to the gymnasium to spend alittle more time with the older children. I met 2 of the basketball players from St. Mary's and we spoke about basketball like their favorite team and what position they play on the team. We shot some baskets in to the short rim and they showed their tricks in till we went back down to the cafeteria to all talk about our day and we were dismissed.

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