Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 1 Summary

            An overview of Chapter 1 Developmental Physical Education for all children stresses the fact that the children of today need more physical activity then what society thinks they need.  I can really relate to the writing because I was an obese child myself; and being so negatively affected socially to a point that I forced myself into shape. To not be harassed anymore and have a better outlook on life has made me want to help others so they will not suffer the way I have. The First chapter states the health risk along with the social risks of a child growing up out of shape or obese. The risk includes child hood obesity, harassment like name calling and low self esteem and early puberty. Over 10 years children obesity has grown 14%, showing that children do not get enough physical activity as they should. Children having the virtue of youth is not a reason for a child to live a sedentary lifestyle and be out of shape. Too many times parents such as my own, think that their out of shape child will grow out of it naturally with just time.
            With a growing number of obese children and misinformed parents, Physical Education teacher’s importance to child’s life has a bigger impact. Physical Education teachers do much more than give student and children time off work, to do an athletic or sport activity. PE teachers instruct students to move more efficiently and effectively threw ought their world with joy and control of their bodies. Allowing the students to be more aware of their bodies, many sports out there so they can find one they enjoy the most, and aware socially by team working together on activities in class. Ultimately teaching the students to move and learn through movement, promoting a positive self confidence and self-concept therefore promoting positive socialization.
            The chapter also states how PE teachers themselves need to follow certain standards with goals to improve and enforce the health, mental, physical, and emotional aspect of child development. Not just roll out a ball and watch but instruct because PE teacher have tremendous affect on our children and our future!

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